Grapple saws from GMT equipment

Want to cut and remove trees more quickly and with less manpower? It’s possible with the grapple saws from GMT Equipment. GMT grapple saws can be mounted on any crane vehicle without any technical modifications to the crane.

Remove a tree in small pieces and clear tree parts immediately. Directly from the tree to a container or chipper, without falling or touching the ground at all. A huge time saver. Available in 4 types, for tree thicknesses up to 40 and 50 centimetres wide. With TTC system, or without.

TTC system: fixed-position tipping
The Total Tree Control (TTC) system makes it possible to remove tree parts in a fixed position, i.e. the tree section will not tip over after cutting. The tilt cylinder of the grapple saw and all directions of movement are fixed in the cardanic suspension.

Flexible installation and fixed removal at the push of a button! The TTC system is optionally available for the GMT050 and GMT035.

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